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New WRSG Chair – Susan Davis

The WRSG is at a transition point, for having reached at least the 50% mark of its fundraising goal, it may formally apply to sponsor a family. Sponsorship Agreement Holders now see very few potential matches on bimonthly lists, so the way ahead will require strategic decisions. It is with joy that we announce that Susan Davis has accepted the position of… Read more »

Activities – June 2016

The gala fundraiser with The Ladies of Jazz and Gospel is just over three weeks away, and the days will fly by. Although some details remain to be determined, this post lists known and anticipated activities in June 2016: Thursday, June 2, 2016 at 7 pm – Committee meeting at Henry and Yvonne’s. Others are welcome; email Henry if attending. Thursday,… Read more »

Committee Meeting – May 26, 2016

A meeting planned for May 19th was cancelled, and the next committee meeting will be on Thursday, May 26th at 7 pm, at the home of Hilary Mackey and Lawrence Surges. Others are welcome, but please email in advance.

Committee Meetings

Next weekend, we’re setting up and exhibiting at Creatively United for the Planet, so no meeting’s planned for April 14th. On Thursday, April 21st at 7 pm, the Committee will meet at Bill and Linda’s. Others are welcome with advance notice to Linda.

Committee Meeting

On Thursday, illness April 7th at 7 pm, the Committee will meet at the home of Hilary and Lawrence. As always, others are welcome, with advance notice. To aid planning, please advise  

Committee Meeting & Email Notifications

On Thursday, March 31st at 7 pm, the Committee will meet at Bill and Linda’s. As always, others are welcome to attend; however, we ask that you notify so that we can arrange a larger venue if necessary and advise of any changes. Our website continues to expand. We want you to know when… Read more »

Committee Meetings

On St Patrick’s Day, the Committee will meet socially at an undisclosed location, and talk over WRSG business. On March 24th, we’ll meet at Laurie’s. All from the WRSG are welcome at committee meetings, but for the 24th, please email in advance. We’d be only too happy if we have to change venues to provide enough space, but would want to let you know!

WRSG Committee – Regular Meetings

The WRSG Committee normally meets on Thursday evenings. Please keep that schedule in mind to facilitate communications and timely decisions or action. However, general information can be sent to, and website issues can be identified to at any time. This week, we meet on March 3rd at Hilary and Lawrence’s.