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Thank You, Volunteers and Supporters

Lawrence Surges & Linda Van Sickle (WRSG Secretary)

In her Spring Update, Linda Van Sickle wrote that, “To help put us ‘over the top’ with our fundraising, the Church of the Advent is planning a Wine & Cheese evening on Saturday, May 13th.” Mission accomplished! Soon afterwards, Treasurer Bill Van Sickle provided the happy news that total funds raised had exceeded our target of $29,800!


See here for complete news about fundraising, contact with the family expected to arrive this fall, and a meeting/social time for volunteers at Westside Bible Church on July 17th at 7 pm.

Who We Are

Resettling our Future Together

…Volunteers from several churches in the Western Communities who are sponsoring a refugee family, with your help, and are matched with a five-person Syrian family under the Privately Sponsored Refugee Program. Fundraising our share to cover the family’s financial needs for its first year in Canada is essentially over; our focus is now on team-building and preparing to assist them to adapt after their arrival.

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