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Driving Ahead

We’re growing, and delighted that a three-week furniture drive kicked off on Sunday, April 3rd at the Canvas Church on Bear Mountain. Thank you to Pastor Austin and Henry and Yvonne Van Boxtel for their leadership of this initiative. We hope to cross off many items on our list with the Canvas Church’s help, then… Read more »

Committee Meeting

On Thursday, illness April 7th at 7 pm, the Committee will meet at the home of Hilary and Lawrence. As always, others are welcome, with advance notice. To aid planning, please advise  

Committee Meeting & Email Notifications

On Thursday, March 31st at 7 pm, the Committee will meet at Bill and Linda’s. As always, others are welcome to attend; however, we ask that you notify so that we can arrange a larger venue if necessary and advise of any changes. Our website continues to expand. We want you to know when… Read more »

Committee Meetings

On St Patrick’s Day, the Committee will meet socially at an undisclosed location, and talk over WRSG business. On March 24th, we’ll meet at Laurie’s. All from the WRSG are welcome at committee meetings, but for the 24th, please email in advance. We’d be only too happy if we have to change venues to provide enough space, but would want to let you know!

Donate to WRSG Online

We’re really excited to announce the creation of an online Giving Group for the Westshore Refugee Sponsorship Group! The Chimp platform enables you to make donations online using a credit card and receive an immediate tax receipt, or commit to regular, recurring donations. Can you be the first to visit WRSG on Chimp and donate?

Donations in Kind (Needed Items)

Donations in kind are one way to constrain monetary costs of refugee sponsorship. The Westshore Refugee Sponsorship Group is still in an early phase, but obtained a list from Starfish Refugee that had been shared on the Vancouver Island Refugee Sponsorship site. We’re now working on our own list. It’s a work-in-progress that can be viewed here.

WRSG is in the News

Thank you to Katherine Engqvist and the Goldstream Gazette for coverage of the Westshore Refugee Sponsorship Group in an online article of March 9, pharmacy 2016:

Goldstream Gazette Article About WRSG

Scoop up a copy of Monday’s Goldstream Gazette to read about the Westshore Refugee Sponsorship Group on about page 5 or 6. If you have a spare copy, please bring it to the Information Night on Thursday evening – 7 pm at the Westside Bible Church, 3307 Wishart Road in Colwood – as we don’t have a… Read more »

Spreading the Word

Information about the WRSG is being disseminated via Westshore churches today, including Bill and Hilary making an announcement at the Church of the Advent. Hilary and Linda met last Thursday with the Acting Editor of the Goldstream Gazette, and an article should be published on Wednesday, March 9th. Crowded bulletin boards often don’t have space… Read more »

Poster for Information Night – March 10, 2016

Thanks to Laurie Shumanski for creating our Information Night poster. On both the Home and Photos pages, ask there are now links that will display the PDF in a new tab, which will enable you to save the file for printing or sharing. This link does the same thing: Download Poster