Rebecca Barnard

rebecca-barnardI moved to Victoria just a few months ago and am loving living in the Western Community. I belong to the Westshore Alliance Church on Millstream Avenue.
I have taught many different forms of art for the last 30 years, including Acrylics, Watercolor & Mixed Media. After being a stay at home mom, I began selling furniture & took art at Malespina College part time. I love to talk to people, learn about their lives and what is important to them.
I am the mother of two grown children, grandmother of two teens and one almost teen, and have had at least a dozen exchange students over the years, many of whom I am still in contact with. We were always the first family with the students we hosted. Showing them what Canada is like, and watching them discover my country is very rewarding to me.
Learning about other cultures and foods from other cultures has always fascinated me – to the point where I often prefer food from other lands to that of my own. I hope to become personally involved in the family we are sponsoring, and as a retired grandma, I have the time and desire to do so. I have always believed in volunteering – giving back. What makes me most happy is just helping people.
As a Christian, I believe in helping your neighbor, and “everyone is your neighbor”.