About Us


The WRSG was formed in 2015 by people from churches in the Western Communities of Victoria BC. Committee members are:

Lawrence Surges provides IT Support and acts as Webmaster, and Hilary Mackey is Past Chair. Our growing group seeks like-minded volunteers to help achieve our goals through donations of money, furnishings, and personal or household goods. Clothing will be needed later.

“People helping people”

A humanitarian project needs more than money or goods – it takes people to provide emotional and language support, transportation assistance etc. It will take a community to sponsor and integrate a family into an entirely new community, country and culture. We’re matched with a Syrian family of five who are currently in Lebanon.

Ways to Help

Get involved: contribute ideas, talents, funds or stuff, and attend events or meetings.
Tell others: use social media, email, or personal contact.


  • to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, through our Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH), and
  • Charitable donations are received and receipts issued by the Anglican Diocese of British Columbia’s Church of the Advent, or online, through the Chimp Foundation.