New WRSG Chair – Susan Davis

The WRSG is at a transition point, for having reached at least the 50% mark of its fundraising goal, it may formally apply to sponsor a family. Sponsorship Agreement Holders now see very few potential matches on bimonthly lists, so the way ahead will require strategic decisions. It is with joy that we announce that Susan Davis has accepted the position of Chair to lead us forward.

Susan is no stranger to the WRSG: She and Pastor Tim Davis were instrumental in its formation, and she delivered our initial training in refugee sponsorship in late 2015 and early 2016. They have often been away during Tim’s sabbatical leave from Westside Bible Church, but both Susan and Tim had already committed to joining the Committee.

We are grateful to Hilary Mackey, who brought energy and commitment to the role of Chair from the formation of the Committee through the recent fundraising gala. Hilary is stepping down to focus on rebuilding her professional practise as a Registered Clinical Counsellor and therapeutic bodyworker, after an eight-year hiatus. As such, she will provide some pro bono services through the Counselling Centre for Immigrants and Refuges, and remain involved with the WRSG.

For some months, the five-member Committee was augmented by Henry and Yvonne Van Boxtel of the Canvas Church, and we again thank them for their support. Once the new Committee meets, there may be more adjustments to personnel and roles. Fundraising isn’t complete, but there is a need for further team building and training before we can support a refugee family. Now would be a great time for new volunteers to join the Committee or take on other equally important roles.