Make History!

Wasn’t last night’s gala fundraiser with The Ladies of Jazz and Gospel great? Thanks to everyone who played a role in making it possible! Through the efforts of many, somewhat over $7,000 was raised to help a few, but neither the fundraising nor the fundamental mission of supporting a family for a year is complete. Nevertheless, the WRSG has enough funds to be on the threshold of formally applying to sponsor a family.

In future, more team building and training will be required, but now is a good time to look back. If you have photos to share, please email the file – or preferably a link to a file – and I’ll begin building a WRSG photo library.

In time, it may be that through photos, a matched family first “meets” those whose efforts made their sponsorship possible. Ideally, the email should indicate when and where a photo was taken, the occasion, and people in the photo should be identified.